Micro learning and collaboration projects are the main methods proposed in the roadmap for competence building.  Both got their thumbs up during the closing workshop.

The developing a roadmap for competence building was concluded by a workshop for all those who in any way contributed to the work.

The participants agreed on the need for increased knowledge of infrastructure maintenance and the workshop provided an welcome opportunity to present views and ideas on how to get there.

The roadmap, which has been developed within Mistra InfraMaint’s project 3.1 a, points to two main methods for competence building:

  • Micro-learning – that is, mini-courses in the form of shorter (3-15 minutes) podcasts and Youtube movies that are easy to follow on your mobile.
  • Collaboration projects carried out in a smaller group and where teacher-led exchange of experience is combined with own learning and practical application in one’s own operations.

Daily learning

The idea of ​​micro learning with short courses that anyone can find time for at work, in the car or in the gym, was liked by many.

There is already a list of suggested topics. A pick: Smart maintenance – what do we mean by that? Technical solutions (material selection, measurement methods, repair methods, what is easy and difficult to assemble? Maintenance planning – experiences from reality, life planning and risk analysis …

Those are just a few examples and project  3.1 b that continues the work is happy to receive more ideas.

Greater commitment

The second proposal, collaborative projects, is more complex and places greater demands on participants, managers and organisations, since it is a commitment for perhaps 12-18 months. During that time, the idea is that physical meetings should be combined with learning and project applications at home, webinars, reconciliations and a live contact network.

Such an investment requires good planning and therefore work will start this autumn with the goal that a first one-year collaboration project can start in August 2020.

The theme is meant to be Asset Management with maintenance planning.

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The report Roadmap Competence Development is a result from the project projekt 3.1 a Roadmap and methods for competence building – you can read more about the project here.

The continued work is within project 3.2 Training materials and courses with Gunn-Mari Löfdahl as project manager.

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