Amelie Bennich KTH

Amelie Bennich

​Applied research and sustainability focus were factors that mattered a lot when Amelie Bennich applied to a job in Mistra InfraMaint.

She recently started as a doctoral student at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, and will do her research in the project 2.1 System logic and adaptation of business models in smart infrastructure maintenance.

“It is a very exciting and important area. A lot will change through digitalisation – the question is how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the new technology”, she says.

Starts with interviews

Her first assignment will be a feasibility study, a series of interviews with people who know a lot about the area.

“Do they see problems? Can current shortcomings have a solution in the new technology, what risks and challenges could it bring? It is a broad picture but I that is good in the initial stage.”

“We can collect large amounts of data when the infrastructure is digitized – but what data does it make sense to collect and how should it be used? If we start broadly, one can always delimit the research at a later stage”, says Amelie Bennich.

In the autumn of 2019, the collaboration between doctoral students at Mistra InfraMaint will begin to take shape.

Can it be a bit of a challenge to build a network of doctoral students who are geographically dispersed and work in projects with different orientations?

“No, I think we can have a lot to learn from each other. The programme and the programme goals are the same. I am sure that we will benefit from the cooperation, says Amelie Bennich.

Read her blog post on about the workshop for doctoral students here.

Sustainable decision support based on relevant data

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Expected results

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News about the project

Mistra Programme Directors: Gunn-Mari Löfdahl

Mistra Programme Directors: Gunn-Mari Löfdahl

Why is reserach important? Gunn-Mari Löfdah, programme director of Mistra InfraMaint, explains how the research programme contributes to a sustainable recovery and long-term social transformation. Under the heading "The importance of research for a green recovery and...

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2019 –  2023

Project manager

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Expected impacts:

Improved sustainable efficiency by 20 percent
Competence deficiencies will decrease by 50 percent
Over 50 municipalities are role models for sustainable asset management
The state-owned authorities practice sustainable asset management on a daily basis
At least ten companies have adopted the results from the programme and export service / products, competence and practice
More than five SME’s have been established due to results from the programme


Roadmap Kompetensutveckling - summering

Rapport 2019:04

En framgångsfaktor för Mistra InfraMaint är att intressenterna utvecklar en långsiktig förmåga att ta till sig och tillämpa ny kunskap.

Roadmapen är programmets plan för att utveckla och stärka behovsägarnas kompetens.

Tillgångshantering i offentlig sektor

Rapport 2019:05

Utmaningarna i att överbrygga gapet mellan nuvarande metoder och best practice.

En fallstudie i utmaningarna inför implementering av en tillgångshanteringsmodell – ett examensarbete inom ramen för projekt 2.1. 


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