Coronavirus​Mistra InfraMaint’s Scientific Advisory Board held its second meeting 25 June. The corona pandemics’ effect on the infrastructure was one item on the agenda.

The Advisory Board concists of renowned researcher and actors in maintenance and management of infrastructure. The first meeting took place in Gothenburg June 2019 – this the second meeting was held online because of the pandemic.

The meeting gave the participants updates from the programme and some of the research projects.

One of the more thematic discussions concerned the effects of the pandemic on long-term research and infrastruture investments. Are there increased possibilites for green transition post corona? Or is there a risk for silo effects due to the lack of strategy?

Other meeting points the application of BIM or other methods for water and sewage and how how maintenance and renewal can be used for system changes. A final important discussion was how knowledge can best be retrieved and exchanged between countries.

The next meeting for the Scientific Advisory Board is scheduled for December 2020.


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