Kristina Gabrielii styrelseordförande Mistra InfraMaint

Kristina Gabrielii, chairman of the board for Mistra InfraMaint and programme director for Smart Built Environment.

Kristina Gabrielii had decided: No more board assignments. But to become chairman of Mistra InfraMaint was an offer she could not resist.

Kristina Gabrielii is self-employed and do also work around 50 percent as a programme manager for the strategic innovation program Smart Built Environment.

– Actually, I had decided not to take more assignments but instead try to work less. But the chairmanship of Mistra InfraMaint felt like an exciting opportunity. I see a number of possible synergies with the Smart Built Environment programme, she says.

Building houses and built environment

Kristina Gabrielii started out as a civil engineer who worked or almost 30 years  in two major construction companies,  NCC and Peab.

In 2003, she was a bit of a pioneer by participating in formulating the first European strategic research agenda for the community building area.

– Our work then is still the basis for European research in this area. So it is possible to make a difference! I try to keep that in mind, she says.

To make a difference

She feels sure that programmes such as Mistra InfraMaint and Smart Built Environment can make a difference. Major issues are relevant for both programmes:  Sustainable development, competence development, industrialisation and digitalisation.

– There are certainly opportunities for synergies and I believe that I can contribute with my networks especially in the field of entrepreneurship, says Kristina Gabrielii.


This is an extract from a longer interview. You can read the full text here (Swedish only).

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