Water with splash

Annika Malm, Programme manager for Mistra InfraMaint, is one of the speakers at the water conference LESAM in Vancouver in September.

LESAM / PI (Leading Edge Strategic Asset Management / Performance Indicators) is a biannual specialist conference organized by IWA, the International Water Association.

The conference is an international meeting place where public and private water utilities, consulting firms, academic and research institutions active in water and wastewater meet to identify and discuss important challenges, new solutions and trends in strategic asset management for the water sector.

In 2019, the conference will be held in Vancouver, Canada, 23-27 September.

Annika Malm will be speaking about the research programme Mistra InfraMaint.

“Mainly I plan to focus on how we can succeed to implement our research results, by the composition of our research programme. I will also present a project where we have created a model for calculating the sustainable level of leakage from drinking water pipes”.


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