Sustainable decision support based on relevant data
Internet of Things

AI and IoT for smart maintenance of societal infrastructures


Critical societal infrastructures such as water and sewerage networks, road networks and smart cities in general are network systems that can be monitored with IoT technology (Internet of Things). These IoT technologies collect huge amounts of data, making it difficult to analyze data and detect relevant phenomena.

Expected results

With artificial intelligence (AI), however, this is made possible. How such an analysis can be carried out in a reliable way and sometimes in real time, raises fundamentally new research questions.

In this research project, we want to continue to develop the theory and algorithms for AI linked to IoT and its application to the drinking water network. We will use new AI algorithms to perform reliable data analysis. This makes it possible to increase the probability of detecting structural problems with leakage in the drinking water network.




Project manager

Carlo Fischione, KTH


KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Expected impacts:

Improved sustainable efficiency by 20 percent
Competence deficiencies will decrease by 50 percent
Over 50 municipalities are role models for sustainable asset management
At least ten companies have adopted the results from the programme and export service / products, competence and practice
More than five SME’s have been established due to results from the programme
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