Contract negotiationsA first dialogue arena on procurement in Mistra InfraMaint is planned for August 29.

The theme of the first dialogue arena will be “Innovation in ongoing maintenance contracts”.

 “We know that more innovative solutions can be found for maintenance in new facilities and new contracts, but what can we do within the framework of the existing contracts?” says Fredric Norefjäll  researcher at RISE and project manager for Mistra InfraMaint’s project 2.2 Procurement arena.

Incentives for innovation

The project raises a number of questions:

  • How can we ensure that operators take on new methods and techniques during the contract period?
  • Can we create incentives for innovation?
  • Is there room for dialogue and renegotiation?
  • How limited is the freedom for new monitoring methods?
  • What defines the contract limit, and what happens when you end up outside the contract?
  • How important is the contract in the relationship between the parties?

The day will include lectures mixed with a workshop to share experiences about innovation in existing contracts.

“An agenda and more information will be presented later, but book 29 August for an interesting day in Gothenburg!” says Fredric Norefjäll.

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