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The infrastructure’s share of municipal investments is significant. Nevertheless, investments need to increase, especially in the water, wastewater and road sectors.
Mistra InfraMaint is a research programme where researchers and municipalities together develop tools for decision support, better processes and smarter municipal organization.

In the next 20 years, W&A investments need to be 35 percent higher than today in order not to deteriorate the status. Almost one fifth of the municipal road and cycle road network needs to be addressed directly. This is how it looks for Sweden as a whole.

The truth is that many municipalities do not even really know what the needs are. There are no analyses, renewal plans and financial outlook for investments. A recent research study shows that it is unusual for descriptions of management and development of water plants in both budgets and annual reports.

Above all, descriptions of status and maintenance are unusual. And when the information is missing – how should politicians be able to make the right decisions?

Hard to get through

Healthcare, schools and welfare are the most important issues for voters’ and thus also the issues that become the focus of debates and political promises. Politicians and companies in infrastructure management do not have the same impact even though they are providing vital functions.

Thinking right

Wise priorities require getting the whole long life cycle perspective into consideration for new investments. It’s not always about building new and changing entire systems. Sometimes it’s more sustainable to limit the measures and prioritise critical repairs. This is part of smart maintenance. In our programme, researchers, municipalities and other public and private actors work together to get there. Read more about our programme partners here.

Asset Management 

Asset Management is a coherent and structured approach to management throughout the life cycle.
It encompasses a large number of areas of expertise, processes, tools and information that all must function together.

Making the right decision, from the daily to the strategic, is a complex reality. Planning and good tools are needed to ensure that it works operationally, tactically and strategically in the best way.


Our projects:

The projects within Mistra InfraMaint are based on three thematic areas:

  • Sustainable decision support
  • Sustainable business models organisation
  • Sustainable competence building

Read more about our projects here.

Mistra InfraMaint is a research programme focusing on how municipal processes and municipal organisation can be developed to better meet the large needs for infrastructure investments that the Swedish society faces. An important part of the programme is to take advantage of the opportunities provided by digitalisation to find ways to use new and existing data in the maintenance systems to make the right priorities.


Mistra InfraMaint is a research programme that started in October 2018.

The first phase will last for four years.

The program is led by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

The main financier is the Mistra, the Swedish Foundation for Strategical Environmental Research.

The total budget is SEK 80 million.

The partners include Chalmers University oc Technology, Linköping University, VTI, Lund University of Technology, Sweden Water Research, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, IQ Samhällsbyggnad, NTNU, Sintef and a number of municipal and state partners as well as parties from industry, contractors and consultants.  A full list is available here.

Doctoral students in the municipalities are one of the things that make Mistra InfraMaint a unique research programme. At least a dozen PhD students will be recruited for the programme’s research. By them being close to everyday activities, the paths between research and academia are paved.


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