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Mistra InfraMaint is a research programme focusing on smart maintenance. Our vision is a sustainable infrastructure that is safe and available around the clock.

Effective and smart maintenance

The programme’s focus is on condition assessments, forecasts and decision support for investments, financing and business models as well as how municipal processes and organisations can be developed to best meet the major investment needs facing society.

Creating an infrastructure for the future

We have built a strong consortium with researchers from institutes and academic institutions. Participating municipalities are especially important for the programme. Senior researchers are supplemented with doctoral students who will largely work in the municipal organisations. This means that research is based on needs and that municipalities have increased opportunity to absorb new research.

We want to halve the competence shortage

Competence requirements are high. The Mistra InfraMaint programme aims to halve the competence shortage. That makes knowledge sharing a very important part of the programme. We plan for both seminars and web-based educational sections, as well as developing new approaches and methods to make knowledge more accessible and the area maintenance more attractive.

We will make a difference

Learn more about our projects

We run over 30 projects within three categories: sustainable business models organisation, sustainable competence building and sustainable decision support.



Reports, articles, books and yearly summits  – halfway through our program we already have an impressing list of publications.


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