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How to handle and value urban water systems

Welcome to a WIN Water Meeting that addresses the critical challenges and solutions in urban water management. As cities grapple with the pressing issues of flooding, distribution interruptions, quality concerns, and ineffective quick fixes, the urgency for sustainable and efficient solutions has never been greater. The costs of these challenges are staggering, and the sense of desperation among responsible organizations is starting to show.

At this event, we aim to explore the landscape of water infrastructure reinvestment.

Engage with experts, colleagues and peers as we unpack a range of topics, including innovative asset management strategies, the renovation and integration of aged systems, and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to streamline operations. This is a unique opportunity to listen, discuss, and contribute to shaping the future of urban water management.

The event is held from morning to lunch, followed by optional workshops after lunch. These afternoon sessions are designed to offer deep dives into the day’s theme, providing actionable insights and fostering collaborative solutions.

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