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1.2b Roadmap for digitization

The challenge

Many VA organizations in Sweden are today only partially digitized and there is a big difference between the degree of digitization in the VA plant and in the distribution network. This mainly concerns the possibility of automatic collection and analysis of data that can create a better understanding of trends and links between production, finances, maintenance requirements and consumption, and thus resource efficiency in the business in terms of raw materials, energy and money. In order to be able to use the full potential, a holistic approach to data collection and data management is required, and the industry demands support in this process. One challenge is to provide the industry with general guidance through their digitization efforts as the operations have different conditions and concrete needs and several important industry-wide standards are missing.

Expected outcome

To succeed with digitalization, the work should be based on the real needs of the organization. The journey should be seen as a strategic organizational development rather than a digitalization project:

1. motivate and organize
2. map existing systems and data
3. assess the situation and create a vision
4. design a strategy & a priority list

Follow up the work:

A. Create a data platform
B. Use iterative testing and implementation of applications. This builds a culture where prototyping and testing is encouraged and creates flexibility and interoperability.

Societal impact

  1. Supporting the change for increased digitalization.
  2. Better opportunities for optimized operations and production.
  3. More efficient use of resources.