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We are launching a new collaborative project!

In 2023, we conducted a first, unique collaboration project for water and wastewater organizations that wanted to learn together and from each other. The result was successful and now we are looking for organizations that are interested in a chance to collaborate.

During the first phase of our program, we tested a new concept: a collaborative project on the theme of smart maintenance in water and sanitation. Five municipal utilities met regularly for six months, both physically and digitally.

The meetings included presentations by experts in the field, discussions and collaboration exercises. Throughout the project, the participants had access to a course page where they could find reference literature and revisit the lectures.

At the end of the project, we were able to conclude that the concept had been successful, and that the participants had the chance to spread and transfer knowledge and make contacts with each other that we had hoped for.

– Participation in Mistra InfraMaint and the collaborative project has opened up valuable contact paths both with other water companies and the research world on issues related to asset management but also during processes such as maintenance work, risk assessment and skills supply, said Louise Rosqvist from Nacka Water and Waste. wait and Waste.

Stefan Eriksson, VA engineer in Karlstad Municipality, said after one of the physical meetings that these were important.
– We have gained insight into methods for working with long-term maintenance development, and the physical meetings strengthen the relationship between the participants, which makes it easier to make contact later on.

With such good results behind us, it feels natural to start a new collaborative project – which this time extends over a year, starting in the autumn of 2024. Even now we turn to water and sewage organizations that want support in the work with asset management.

Read more in the invite (in swedish)