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3C Capacity building in infrastructure maintenance


Transport and water infrastructure facilities require major investments, while the supply of skills must be secured if we are to ensure sustainable infrastructure for future generations. Optimized maintenance and effective asset management is easier said than done – increased knowledge and exchange of experience is required to create strong organizations. In 3C, we are working to ensure that all the information produced in the research program will benefit our stakeholders and society.
In phase 1, a roadmap for competence building was developed where we, together with need owners, developed methods for developing organizations’ capacity in terms of smart maintenance. As a result, the program went on to create micro-learnings that are published on YouTube and our website, as well as implementing collaborative projects, a type of course arrangement where participants have the opportunity to learn together and from each other.
In Phase 2, we will continue to produce microlearning materials to disseminate knowledge generated by the projects. We have also developed a packaging of microlearning that we call knowledge quarters. The knowledge quarters create thematic playlists of our microlearnings together with text and questions that are sent out via email.

In the fall of 2024, we also invite to the program’s second collaboration project where the goal is that participants after completing the project feel confident to develop and implement processes, models and plans for sustainable management of their assets. Of course, we will continue to disseminate results from the program and present interesting insights through external webinars during each quarter!


Microlearning: 60 published microlearnings during phase 2.
Collaborative projects: At least one more on the theme of water and sanitation and one on transport infrastructure within phase 2.
Knowledge quarters on a regular basis
External webinars 4 times per year