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1.1a Decision support strategies for infrastructure owners – deciding how to decide


All designs and systems are affected by degrading mechanisms, which require regular maintenance. What actions to take and how often is a major question for all infrastructure managers. Frequent inspections and maintenance measures or repairs only in the event of serious damage? How information about the condition of the infrastructure systems is handled and used in decisions is the focus of this project. The scope is limited to technical systems in municipal operations, initially to water management systems.

Expected results

Digitisation of society and the Internet of Things (IoT) create large amounts of data with information about the infrastructure. Measuring and presenting the results is today established technology and commercial systems are on the market. However, how the result should be incorporated into a condition assessment and how the results should be evaluated as a basis for decisions need to be further investigated. The project will include studies of decision models that are based on measured data, where uncertainties in measurement results can be taken into account for the state assessment, and consequences of decisions can be evaluated based on expected utility. The expected result is one or more decision models for planning maintenance measures based on information from measurements.

Impact on society

  1. Improve sustainability awareness in street management at the municipality level.
  2. Improve data-driven decision-making approach in selection of maintenance alternatives.
  3. Effective utilisation of taxpayer money in urban street management.