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3.1 Roadmap and methods for competence building


The challenge is that skills are fresh goods that need maintenance and updating. New competence needs to be added with methods that are easily accessible and adapted to the stakeholder.

The question is: Which competences are needed by the owners and entrepreneurs to succeed in planning and implementing maintenance?

Outcome, Project 3.1 a

The Roadmap for how we from Mistra InfraMaint will contribute to the building of competence is now completed. The plan consists of two main methods, namely “Micro learning” and “Collaboration projects”. This fall we will start producing a short podcast and YouTube movie format that will make it easier to gain new knowledge in the area of ​​”smart maintenance”. This is what we mean by “Micro Learning” and over time the plan is to build a fairly extensive library. But this year we will start with a handful.

When it comes to “Collaboration projects”, it is a much more extensive commitment. This entails a conscious effort from participating organizations as participants will take part in a number of course opportunities during the project, which will run for 12 – 18 months. Support and supervision working with applications within their own organization is needed to a certain part. Participants will have a network of contacts and continuously gain access to current knowledge. The plan is for the first collaboration project to start in the second half of 2020 with the preliminary heading “Maintenance planning”.

An invitation and more information about the collaboration project will be published around the turn of the year.

Big thanks to everyone who contributed to the development of the Roadmap!

Continued work, project 3.1b

The next step is the development of processes, methods and arrangements for learning according to the Roadmap. This work will run throughout the programme period, as a support for project 3.2 Educational materials and courses.